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"Kelleher and Alexander’s performances are outstanding with perceptive direction and writing from Neel Upadhye. You’ll feel yourself pulled into their lives as you relive your own.
Chicago Indie Film Critic’s Circle

Audience Choice Award, Best Feature Comedy - Sedona International Film Festival 2016
Best Feature Film - Naperville Independent Film Festival 2016
Festival Choice - Phoenix Film Festival, 2016


Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director - Naperville Independent Film Festival 2016


Arizona Central - “Filmmaking is a collaborative process… It’s additive, that way, and I think diversity works the same way, where the myriad of personal experiences, even personal biases, that can all end up in the final product just makes the product a better reflection of where society is at.” - Neel Upadhye

Chicago Indie Critic’s Circle - “Dating Daisy is a fresh take on dating and life in your twenties. Finding reality, balance, and humor in the world of dating is what brings “Dating Daisy” to an entertainingly insightful level.”

India West - “Starring a Jewish male lead and a Protestant female lead offered the young filmmaker a chance to showcase diverse heritage and ethnicity, it also helped him maintain a more objective viewpoint. But he stressed that his Indian-ness played out throughout the film.” - “Dating Daisy is a fun and entertaining indie audiences of all ages can enjoy. The well-made, professional production went to great lengths to bring a humorously polished picture to the big screen.”

News India Times - “The movie proves yet again how every generation of Indian immigrants is breaking new ground or expanding the path others have tread before.”

Pleasanton Weekly - “The thing I discovered in getting so specific about experiences that I've had, beautiful and painful experiences, it became universal," he said. "People have told me, 'That's my mom,' 'I've dated that girl,' or ‘I’ve been that girl.’” - Neel Upadhye
…Entertainingly Insightful…
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