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Dear Friends,

More than any project I have ever directed, Dating Daisy had a groundswell of momentum driving it. Less than two year after I began writing the screenplay, the film is complete. I didn’t make it to chase a saturated trend in the market. I made it because I believe audiences will see themselves in these characters, and learn something about their own journey to find love. Early watchers around the country have told me that this is their love story – the real deal without the candy-coated heroes and villains. Real love needs no embellishment. After all, falling in (and out) of love is already life’s most perilous adventure. All the more reason then, to find something to laugh about in all of its hair-brained nonsense!

In the film, Michael and Daisy struggle to control their relationship. As anyone who has been there will tell you, life has an agenda of its own! Michael’s journey is reflected in our own quest to make this movie. When I graduated from USC, I felt confident that I would direct a feature film “any moment, now.” Life had other plans.

Through unpredictable opportunities over the past six years, I got to direct commercials for the world’s biggest video games, create a TV pilot, and even edit comedies with Seth Rogen. But life always kept the medium I love, feature films, just slightly out of grasp. What a blessing, indeed! I approached my “first feature length film” now as a seasoned veteran of my craft, but with all the enthusiasm of that young man who set out for LA over 10 years ago. And our adventure is just beginning!

Your support is a vote for the types of movies you want to see - films with meaning that transport you somewhere special, validating that life is an experience worth living to the fullest! We thank you. Independent filmmakers, alike, thank you. I thank you personally as well, and look forward to hearing all your wonderful, unique laughs at a festival near you!

Yours Truly,
Neel Upadhye

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