Daisy and Michael are two passionate exes debating giving their on-again / off-again relationship one last shot. But when their parents find out and intervene, the two must learn to look inward at their own desires and decide if their love is enough to bring their diverging lives back together.

But there are two side to every love story. Click on Michael and Daisy's photos below to see their take on the events of the movie!
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MICHAEL (Brennan Kelleher) is a lanky, charming Jewish guy with a clear and ambitious vision for his future. Unfortunately, reality hasn’t lined up with it yet. His dream of being the next Steve Jobs is stalled in first gear, while the deadlines he set for himself in his 20’s slowly pass by unfulfilled - especially when it comes to his love life. While he believes his free spirited girlfriend DAISY is his soulmate, they’ve already gotten together and broken up four times. He’s determined to make this fifth time a charm by any means necessary. All that changes when his overbearing stepmother begins playing matchmaker from the wings. Michael must face some difficult truths about his purpose, his relationship, and his idea of love if he’s going to get his dreams back on track.
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DAISY (Sascha Alexander) is a beautiful and loving young woman with a thirst for adventure and an obsession with finding a job that means something. An English major with a Women’s Studies minor, Daisy found out quickly after graduating that employers have little interest in her quest for self sufficiency and freedom. Although she undeniably loves her supportive boyfriend MICHAEL, Daisy doesn’t feel ready to settle down and wants more time to explore life on her own. This puts her at odds with everyone in her life, including Michael, who believes he’s found “the one.” But when her choices finally threaten to unravel her whole life, Daisy must figure out how to reconcile her relationship with her soulmate... and with herself.
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